Fully versed in the latest design and prototyping tools. Here are a few examples of how I approached different projects. Visual design in Sketch showing iterations for proposed layouts of a site for a brand new school in China with accompanying ux documents. Depending on the nature of the content and complexity of the user experience I use different ways of visualizing flows, interactions and architecture. I am a believer in showing clients as high fidelity comps as early as possible to help them understand what we are designing. When needed I share wireframes, but only if we know the client understands what they represent and doesn't hinder their ability to visualize the approach. Wireframes give the design team a foundation and help to accelerate the process into prototyping and polished comps for presentation. I have used tools such as Invision to effectively tell the story to clients and communicate initial concept overviews and user flows. The earlier we can prototype and get feedback the better the outcome.


UX/UI for Stephen Gould
For Stephen Gould we developed a modular system throughout the site which included some complex interaction design as illustrated by our approach to the story page. I developed this interaction plan for the developers to help them understand the core functionality of the page. The other example shows user flow and visual design pattern studies.


Interaction/animation for Wydown 
For Wydown Hotel I created some animation maps for the developer to ensure we got all the movements and interactions as designed.