I approach every design challenge with Empathy, Craft and Rigor. Process and methods should be contextual and can incorporate one of several frameworks including Lean UX/startup, Jobs to Be Done and for certain situations OOUX [object oriented UX]. At the core of my approach is a design thinking mindset with the user at the center. Understanding the jobs that the user is trying to get done is everything, so once the problem statement is established we can begin to understand their journey. I like to work closely with the researchers and listen in to customer conversations if possible. When it gets into user testing I collaborate with research on scripts and approach to get the most out of it. And the the third point is to always keep in mind how the designs will work with or add to the design system and the overall brand language.

"Less, but better" Dieter Rams


Below is a process I designed for a content platform project at LogMeIn which incorporated a Co-Design session that was informed by the OOUX framework as a way of tackling the complex interaction problem we were trying to solve.

content strategy summary for uxcontent strategy summary for ux

LogMeIn Content Platform
Our team collaborated on strategy and research to create a solution that would provide customers a single place to view, edit and share their content created in online meetings and events. I worked closely with product managers and researchers utilizing user interviews, OOUX and codesign sessions with customers. Below shows my breakdown and analysis of content objects and their organization and some of our customer codesign sessions. My colleagues were Britney LeBaron, Bradley Thomason and Nicole Gu. 


Bridge School Proposal
At Chen Design we worked with a U.S. based team that was developing a new type of school in China. We presented branding proposals along with a complete approach to their website incuding commerce and intranet capabilities. Below shows my visual design concept process and site architecture and user path maps solving complex challenges. 


UX/UI for Stephen Gould
For Stephen Gould we developed a modular system throughout the site which included some complex interaction design as illustrated by our approach to the story page. I developed this interaction plan for the developers to help them understand the core functionality of the page. The other example shows user flow and visual design pattern studies.


Interaction/animation for Wydown 
For Wydown Hotel I created some animation maps for the developer to ensure we got all the movements and interactions as designed.