Originally trained in painting I eventually transitioned to design and worked for many companies including Esprit, IDEO and Levi's. As the internet grew I focused on digital design and illustration creating icons and interfaces for CD-ROM's and websites. After working in e-Learning, designing sales programs and intranets I had the privilage of leading the design for two high profile art museums, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the MFA Boston. Next I was brought on as Design Director for Bio-Rad Laboratories Life Science division to lead the communications team working in all media and platforms including building a video team and a system of sales tool apps for the iPad.

Most recently as Interactive Director at Chen Design Associates I led a growing team designing sites for companies and businesses of all sizes. Good graphic/visual design and typography are still really important in web design, in fact more important than ever. We tailored our approach for each client with their needs and processes in mind.

My design influences are the Eame's, Herbert Bayer and the Bauhaus, Steve Tolleson, Massimo Vignelli and Bruce Mau. I collect many things but my most prized object is a rare edition of the 1953 World Geo-Graphic Atlas by Herbert Bayer. My favorite location in the world is the studio that I designed which sits behind my house surrounded by a wonderful garden. I also maintain a fine art practice when I'm not designing or riding my bike.

Contact me: brian@bricondesign.com