When I joined LogMeIn I had the opportunity to work with the team designing and building a new version of GoToWebinar's dashboard which included the development of a design system. Version 1 was specifically for that product and the components were built accordingly. I contributed to the design of the online style guide and various components. V2 has been built from the ground up with the goal to be used across the GoTo product family. A React based component system that will work within various web properties. The system is still being built and tested with parts already being implemented into new versions of the products. I led the initial phase of translating Chameleon into the new version and worked with designers and our UX engineer to adapt and change elements according to new directions for the products. I contributed to the style guide and general brand feel and direction which is still to be implemented fully. 

Role: Design Direction/Management
Team: Emma Bostian, Thomas Vallez, Felix Lapointe, Wendy Fox
V1: Vicky Prazdnik, Chris Short, Laura Silva


The Challenge

To take our original Chameleon system built for GoToWebinar and GoToStage and completely rebuild it to work across the GoTo suite of products and platforms. Establish an online resource/guide for designers, developers and product managers to use.

The Outcome

V1 was implemented and continued to be expanded on. V2 is in progress, basic elements, typography and color were completed and a working tyle guide launched along with accessibility standards implemented.



I led the team for V2 and maintained regular conversations between product groups and worked closely with our UX engineer in building out the component library.


Version 1
The entire design team collaborated and contributed to the design system while it was being built out and implemented into the new dashboard design for GoToWebinar. I also contributed to the design of the style guide website, establishing a system for layout and typography.


Version 2
With the directive to make Chameleon work across products and platforms towards a unified experience we began to rebuild the system. We formed a core team to update the designs and build new components. I led this design effort across different product design teams and we tackled challenges including a new color palette and overall accesibility considerations.