GoTo Content Platform

As a communication and collaboration platform we wanted to create an experience that brought together all meeting and event artifacts into one location where the user could view, edit and share their content. I collaborated with product managers and researchers to understand how we should structure the experience and what artifacts are most important to our customers. We utilized customer interviews, co-design sessions and OOUX [object oriented UX]. Part of my devliverables were to imagine the 'future state' of this all in one experience to help understand what it might look like and get reactions from customers and internal partners.

Role: Design and content strategy with visual design concepts
Team: Kaden Rushford, Bradley Thomason, Ryan Meuse, Britney LeBaron, Jon Cho


The Challenge

Based on user research and industry trends towards a UCC solution, create a platform experience where all content generated by customer's in-session meetings and events including associated content, transcripts, videos, documents and files.

The Outcome

We delivered a proposed solution that is actionable including future design concepts as a starting point for deeper UX exploration and understanding.


I collaborated with Product Managers to translate their ideas into a coherent story and strategy for stakeholders incorporating UX perspectives and considerations. As designer I imagined what a unified platform experience would look and how it would function.


Platform Research and Foundational Workshop
Working with our UX researchers we looked at the data from the GoToMeeting transcripts page to inform our re-imagining of the experience. I also did video content research along with a UX researcher to understand how users search for and engage with video content on learning platforms.

We brought together the entire UX team for an intensive 3 day workshop to explore a unified platform experience that would contain all of the user's content in one location and allow them to share it and tie it to their daily schedules. Integrations became an important part of the solution to keep from reiventing applications that people already use and depend on. 


Research and Strategy
I worked extensively with our lead product managers to understand all of the platform and architecture concerns and plans to provide the services to deliver such a rich experience. I translated their dense information into clear streamlined presentations that were presented to stakeholders. We developed personas and use cases in parallel with several research initiatives and surveys to understand what jobs our users needed to get done. I adopted object oriented UX methods to analyze all of the content objects so we could do a better job or prioritizing what people would interact with and how they will grasp the dashboard experience. We also conducted a series of co-design sessions with customers to understand how they would use a page with transcripts, video and the ability to edit and share everything. 


Concepts for Viewing, Editing and Sharing
I did some concept work around the idea of a future ideal state taking our customers from a customizable home page to comprehensive content searches to being able to view, edit and share their meeting and event content. I integrated the ideas of how people are used to interacting with content such as browsing and watching their favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon etc.