GoToWebinar & GoToStage

As a design manager for teams working on the ecosystem of GoToWebinar/GoToStage experiences we developed a new player to deliver simulated live webinars and proposed a new browser experience including chat, documents, polls. We also built and launched transcript and video editing cababilities within the webinar dashboard including video-to-slides technology. I also collaborated on the original Chameleon design system and online design guide. When I came on board the team was engaged in a re-dedsign of the GoToWebinar out-of-session dashboard and 7 months later it successfully launched, dramatically changing the user experience for planning and managing events.

Team: Vicky Prazdnik, Chris Short, Hilary Dwyer, Angie Wang, Deise Ramirez, Laura Silva, Marcus Cai, Xiling Weng


Webinar Ecosystem and Event Editing
I worked with designers Xiling Weng, Deise Ramirez and Laura Silva on re-designing the video sharing, editing and management experience. We worked closely with the PM's and research to create a simple way for users to do a quick edit of their videos, whether just chopping the ends or cutting out sections. In conjunction with this we built a way to edit the transcripts so after events the organizers can quickly get their finished content out to their audiences on their custom channel pages and shared on social media. 

Our process included user testing for the video editor comparing feedback from a/b testing scenarios. The video editor incorporated and out of box audio wave tool that we worked closely to modify and integrate with the engineering team.


Working with designers Laura Silva and Deise Ramirez and researchers we improved expanded the GoToStage platform including a better registration flow, search and navigation along with additional pages to provide more in depth info for attendees and organizers.

I also engaged with our research team on studying how users search for and interact with video content through extensive customer interviews and walk-throughs with their favorite online platforms. This was part of an overall vision for future platform development and integration for the GoToSuite.



A Unified Player App
I led the design of a unified player for GoToStage and GoToWebinar that would be flexible and expandable to accommodate various types of content and interactions. We did many iterations for both desktop and mobile layouts and did user testing on right or left placement of the menu and other features. We launched a basic player to handle simulated live events initially with designs for an expanded browser experience that incorporates all the active webinar features of chat, polls and content downloads.